Tax Audit & Consultancies

– Provide Taxes Consultancies in the fields of general taxes, which includes the following:

Income Tax. VAT Tax. Payroll Tax. Stamps Tax. Withholding Tax Real Estate Tax

-Provide consultancies¬ in the field of taxes planning and strategies.

Due diligence – Training

-Tax Consultancies include the preparation of tax declarations, attending tax inspections, on behalf of clients at internal and appeal committees and courts.

Provide consultancy in the field of sales tax, such as attending the inspection of accounting books & documents. Also, prepare the legal defense at the various committees and counts.

Accounting. Internal Auditing. Taxes. Egyptian Accounting Standers.

-Accounting Support:

Bookkeeping. Accounting Supervision. Financial accounting. Secondment Services. Financial consultation and assistance. Tax Accounting Compliance Legal and statuary books Financial assessment and recommendation